Hello, I am Michael The Arch.

I’ve been playing games as long as I can remember. I started in the arcades when I was young, and got my first home console, a NES, in 1987.  I love RPGs, Action, Adventure, some Shooters, and Puzzle games.  However, I’m not into competitive online games at all.  I very much enjoy a good story in a game over movies and books usually.

I started Let’s Play Gaming around 2006 as a walkthrough and tips and tricks site, because I felt I could offer information that wasn’t found anywhere else at the time on some games.  I started making gaming videos in 2009 and the name changed to Let’s Play: Gaming Entertainment to reflect the changes.  The old LPGE site hosted reviews, various information, videos, and tons of screenshots.  However, in 2015 the web host we had got so bad that you couldn’t even load a site hosted with them 90% of the time.  We gave up on that host, but it meant losing the ability to host custom sites, and tons of screenshots.  In 2017 I started this site to at least have a blog.

In 2017 I changed my Twitch name from LetsPlayGE to MichaelTheArch to reflect me as a streamer instead of just someone with LPGE. The only thing I regret about the name change is no one realizes Arch is pronounced Ark.

Why did I choose Michael The Arch? I have, at various times, worked on a comic and novel called Arch, about the Archangel Michael.  Also, I have always loved reading and hearing stories about Archangels, and my name is Michael Thus, Michael The Arch, General Of Heaven’s armies is here to take on the demonic hordes and forces of evil. My followers are known as Knights Of The Arch.

A little more about me…I have two other nicknames, which are Monkie and Solo.  I cannot stand to be called Mike so just don’t do it. I prefer to be called either Michael, or Monkie. Solo is a nickname I got from playing lead guitar in my old metal band. My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy 7. My favorite band is Breaking Benjamin. I prefer playing on consoles even though I love PC gaming as well.  I have a problem with my wrist, and playing games on PC tends to make it worse. I have several health issues, and I do stream as much as I do because of those issues.

I have a few names I like to stick to when creating characters.  Michael, Shark, Ellie Jane, Alistair, Dovahkhael or some variation on it, Davinacus Khael, Shado / Shadoeth, and few others. Some are based on things I like, some on me, and a few on personal things.

I am always asked what Role Play in a video game is, and how mine differs from normal Role Play in games.  Most people only seem to Role Play in multiplayer games with other people, and that’s perfectly fine. I however, love to Role Play in single player Open World situations. I take on the role of a character, and usually talk crazy and give them multiple personalities. Half the time they are a little country, and half the time they are very brutish depending on the situation.  It’s all about having fun.  I get to laughing so hard most of the time I can’t keep it up.  Why don’t I Role Play with others? I don’t really seem to have other people who wants to play the games with me that I like to Role Play in.

I can’t think of anything else at all to put here so there we go!