Plans / What’s Up? 6/3/2017

Hey everyone! What’s up?

I was unable to do a lot of stuff I said I was going to do here lately, so I am going to fix a problem.  Starting Monday I will be doing random stuff for a week. I will try to stream at least 3 times for 4 hours. I will try to schedule those streams as well, but I can’t make any promises.

I am currently creating a new web site based on my gaming, and finding others to play online games with.  This site is currently called Gaming Adventurers. It will consist of a website, a forum, a facebook group, and probably some Playstation 4 Communities based on individual games.   If you are into playing online games, and would like to help out with this project just let me know.

This week as long as everything is works out, without major updating issues, every weekday I will be doing 4 hours of ESO, 2 hours of Neverwinter, and 1 hour of Black Desert Online.  I will be trying to stream either ESO or Neverwinter a bit. This week may mark the end of daily playing of any or all 3 of these games.

Next week I fully plan to go to an 8am streaming schedule again.  I have to get my sleep schedule back in order, and find a way to actually keep it.  I will finish up Rise Of The Tomb Raider, and start doing other games that I really need to finish up.  I will have my Fallout 3 Role Play going again soon, and be starting my Fallout 4 adventures soon.

These last few months now have been very weird for me, and I honestly have felt like I was lost in a hurricane. I didn’t know which way to turn to get myself out of this craziness, and am still struggling to find my way.  I have been on an emotional, mental, and physical rollercoaster since April. I know my schedule has suffered a lot due to this, but I am clawing my way back.  Thank you to everyone who has been there for me in this time.


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