Tomb Raider

I used a poll on my stream to determine that I was going to play Tomb Raider after Horizon Zero Dawn.  I will be playing Rise Of The Tomb Raider once this one is done.  I’ve played this game way back in 2014, and had an absolutely amazing time with it.  I really do love the game.

So far I’ve really enjoyed everything again, except one thing. For some reason the camera bob in the game is making me really sick to play it.  Like I said earlier I played this game in it’s entirety before, and it didn’t really bother me much.  I’m wondering if my TV being up higher is causing the problem.  Due to this I will most likely be playing on my little tv which is also my third monitor on my computer desk.  I think that sometime in the very near future I am going to have to move my tv to a new location which kind of sucks.

So anyway more about the game!  If you haven’t played it, and camera bob doesn’t bother you then absolutely check this game out.  It is absolutely amazing.  It has a great story, a great combat system, awesome puzzles, and is tons of fun.  I will probably be playing Tomb Raider Thursday, but if not I will be back to it Monday.  See ya soon!


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