What’s Up? 04/19/2017

I have some things to address. Today’s post will not be like normal What’s Up posts.

My fiance, Amanda, is gone completely from everything dealing with my stream, LPGE, and my life.  Due to this my entire schedule will be changing, as it was completely made around her.  I am taking some personal time the rest of this week, and will be doing random streams only at random times.  I may get emotional and have to quit the stream 1 minute after I start it.  I may have to take more breaks than usual.  I am not emotionally stable right now, and probably won’t be talking as much. I do have a lot on my mind.  With that being said I don’t want to speak of this matter again.

I have finished, and platinumed, Horizon Zero Dawn. I started Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and will play Rise Of The Tomb Raider next in that series.  However, I am going to be doing some Minecraft streams, and trying to do a Dark Souls stream as well.  I want to come up with a new schedule that will allow me to play different things to keep my stream fresh, and not burn out on one specific thing.  I just currently do not have the right mindset or brain capacity to do so.

I will post again next week when I can figure out more stuff going on.  I’m sorry for the weird streams and schedules over the last and upcoming week.


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