What’s Up? Week of 04/10/2017

It’s that time again… What’s Up???

  • This week I am playing Horizon Zero Dawn still on my main game stream. I am actually trying to finish at least the story by Friday night.
  • I am also playing Minecraft on side streams, and looking for new ideas of things to build.  My next build may be a Kraken to go along with my pirate ship. Arggghhhhh!
  • I have 2 Let’s Create streams scheduled this week, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 1pm.  I will be most likely working on the Dragon that I started last week.  When it’s done I have a bigger multi-part project that I want to do.
  • This week I return I will be brainstorming on some new things, updates, and changes that need to be made to the LPGE profiles all over the web.
  • I am also creating a video showing off my pirate ship in minecraft with different world themes.  I am planning to make it available on YouTube, and Twitch Uploads.
    • Finished filming the gaming snippets already
    • Need to edit the video
    • Need to do video voice over
    • Need to render and upload the final video.
  • I am planning a minecraft console edition video tutorial series for newcomers to game / console edition.  I will try to keep these updated along with new updates to the game.
  • I am also planning a new Let’s Build series that will feature builds in Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders, and maybe Lego Worlds if I pick it up too. I want to do these as a video series as well as streaming them.  I have to figure out how to make this work before I get into it though.
  • I am taking suggestions for builds in these games as well.
  • Also, if you need help with one of these games I’d love to make a tutorial for you! Leave all suggestions and requests in the comments below!
  • Lastly, I am working on a new schedule of doing things here on this site.  I will start doing the reviews once I have finished the story of HZD, but I want to do other posts at different time intervals as well.

That’s all for now! See ya later!

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