What’s Up? 03/30/2017

What’s up?

  • This week I’ve been streaming Horizon Zero Dawn since Monday morning.  I am really enjoying the game, and streaming experience.  I’ve been gathering more of a following, and really enjoying that as well.
  • Wednesday I got a cable that allows me to capture the output of the tablet I use for digital artwork.  I quickly set up some new scenes, and done a stream in which I finished the artwork for a new logo for my Twitch.  I will include the logo below!
  • I have changed up some graphics on twitch, and the stream itself.
  • I scheduled next week, and will be starting gaming streams at 8am if all goes according to plan.  I will also be doing another creative stream on Wednesday. By the way the creative streams are called “Let’s Create!”
  • Week after next I will be trying out creative streams on Tuesday and Thursday.  I am trying to decide how I want to schedule them. Feel free to leave me ideas and suggestions for art for the streams.
  • I will be choosing the art subject, and possible style randomly each stream.
  • I am currently looking into fixing the headers that I use here on this blog.  The ones I have now are just too big for my liking, and I’d like to fix that.
  • Friday morning, I will be doing more Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Saturday morning, I will be doing a Minecraft stream.  I’m trying to learn the game better, and build some cool things.
  • Sunday, I will either do a random stream, or take the day off.  I have so much work to do in other areas, but I need a bit of a lazy day break every now and then.

Don’t forget to check out the logo below, and then that’s all for now.

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