Horizon Zero Dawn: Getting Started

Monday morning I started my blind playthrough stream of Horizon Zero Dawn, which is entitled Aloy The Arrow. The game starts out really awesome, and quickly pulls you in. However, be careful not to get sucked in too much to the opening area. I didn’t realize how much more of the games features waited for me beyond the first few quests. Once I passed that point, the game got even better.

I will say this. If you have a PS4 you owe it to yourself to buy this. Go ahead the full price is worth it. With that being said I have to say I love the style of gameplay. It seems to take elements from a lot of other games, but instead of just ripping off another game it improves upon them. I’ve honestly only had a very few problems with the game.

I’m playing this on stream every weekday morning until I’m done with the game, and most likely platinumed it. I may push it to a random stream game once I finish the story, but I doubt it.

Catch me playing Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy The Arrow weekday mornings at twitch.tv/michaelthearch


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