What’s Up? 03/26/2017

Firstly, I’d like to welcome everyone to the new ongoing Let’s Play: Gaming Entertainment Blog “What’s Up?” Secondly, let me explain what this Blog Post Series is.

What’s Up? is replacing the old Vlogs that I used to do over on YouTube, and may even migrate back into those again. In What’s Up? I will be telling what’s going on, hopefully on a regular basis, with LPGE, my business, and myself.  The title of each What’s Up? will have a date, and, if need be, a sub version if more than one is posted in a single day. So What’s Up?

  • I have been playing Dragon Quest Builders on my Twitch stream since I finished up FFXV.  I am currently in Chapter 4, and have a lot of stuff left to do.  I am trying to finish it today, but I doubt that happens. I vow to finish at least by Tuesday at the latest though.
  • I changed my Twitch name from LetsPlayGE to MichaelTheArch to better reflect me as a streamer.  I want to do gaming and creative streams, because I am a gamer and multifaceted artist.
  • I have started a Community on Twitch called LetsPlayGE which is for people doing Let’s Plays, or Live Gaming Streams with Commentary.
  • I’ve been constantly updating, upgrading, and tweaking my rig & streaming setup. I am getting things done in much better manners for the most part.
  • I have purchased FaceRig, and will be using it in various videos, clips, streams, and in various ways.
  • I am currently working on designing a new logo for the Twitch Channel. The logo currently consists of a folded angel wing drawn digitally in SketchBook Pro.  Unfortunately, I currently cannot use Sketchbook Pro on my desktop, and therefore cannot capture or stream the process.  It’s a Windows 8.1 Update problem.
  • I have a shoulder / neck injury of some sort, and it just will not go away.  I’m not sure if I pulled a muscle, slept on it wrong, or what is going on.  However, this injury is majoryly hindering my studio revamp clean up.  As soon as I can get the studio finished I’ll do a tour, and start my creative streams as well.

It might be weird to do these in a list form, but it just feels right to me!


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