Dragon Quest Builders: Building Through To The End

I have been playing the mess out of DQB on stream.  I’ve been building , building, building, doing what story I could at the time, and building some more!  It’s such a fun game, but I must finish it up soon.  I am giving myself until Tuesday to finish it, but shooting to finish it ASAP. I am really wanting to play my next game.  This doesn’t mean that I’m going away from DQB forever though. In fact, I plan to do a lot of random DQB streams in which I will be building random things, building my huge home in Terra Incongnita, and going for challenges I have yet to complete.

One thing I plan to do is start taking building requests in this game and Minecraft.  If anyone has any building requests for either game please let me know.  Also, while I am streaming DQB Random Let’s Plays I am willing to help with information on how to do, build, or finish specific tasks, quests, or builds.  I love helping out!

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