The Fantasy Continued

I’ve been pretty sick for almost a week now, and haven’t really felt up to streaming much. Amanda and I did do a Minecraft stream one night, but we were way too sick to cut on the cam and microphones. For the last week almost the only thing I’ve played is Minecraft and ARK. All of that first person stuff started getting to me, and I was really needing something to play.

I decided to see where I left off in FFXV, and I have now completed all but 3 of the end game special dungeons for the quest from the old lady. I’ve looked at several online lists, and I think I have now actually acquired most of, if not all, of the weapons in the game. I still have recipes, car colors, the final hunt, Ignis cooking skill, and several other small things to complete. I think that I’m going to make myself a check list for these things.

I was thinking that maybe in the future I can do a New Game Plus stream. If that would be something you would like to see please let me know.

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