Streaming Updates: 02/20/2017

I have decided that I will be doing a farewell stream of Final Fantasy XV as my main streaming game. I will be streaming several things including random FFXV gameplay, Dragon Quest Builders story and random gameplay, ARK random gameplay, and Minecraft random gameplay. DQB Story will be the main story stream right now, and I am going to try to do it again from the start. Starting DQB over isn’t a big deal, because I need to do it again for some unlocks anyway. I may, at anytime, also throw in random sessions of other games.

Another thing I want address is the way I do my streams.  For all of my main streams I will be using a microphone, and face cam if possible.  For some of my random stuff I may not.  I will still be able to chat, but sometimes I have to be able to do other things while I’m streaming as well.  Speaking of no microphone streams, after Wednesday of this week I probably won’t be able to talk on stream much.  I am having a medical test / procedure done that will have my throat sore for a while.


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