Final Fantasy XV (02/17/2017)

When I finished the game’s story I didn’t think I really had very much left to do. Today I have discovered just how wrong I was. There is another complete quest line involving all of the dungeons in the game. There is also another complete quest line to obtain better weapons. For that line I just fought the Yoda Twins. I’ve done several hunts already, and have at least two more. The one I’m on now is the Daemonwall, and I really want to reach level 99 before I take him on again. There is also the Adamantoise, which is like this game’s super boss. I am a bit sad though. As far as I can tell “Weapon” didn’t make into the game. Maybe they will be part of the DLC?

I may have several more streams of the game, but I am also playing a lot of it off stream as well. Make sure to drop in a stream say hey next time I’m on! Speaking of streams I decided not to close my poll for next game to play just yet. You can vote on it at:


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