Final Fantasy XV 01

I’m excited, because this is my first gaming post on the new site.  I know not a lot of the site is ready yet, but I can at least get started on my posts!

Today I am playing Final Fantasy XV.  I am 70 hours into the game, and have been playing since release.  I am really enjoying the game.  Anyway… Right now I am doing a quest called The Professor’s Protege – Wyvern while I wait for Cid to upgrade my Ultima Blade.  I think I may have the stuff necessary to upgrade my Drain Lance, but I’m also not sure that it can be upgraded again.  I’m doing this playthrough completely blind.  While short, my car trip is over, and it’s time to hunt down this beastie.  I have to say I quite enjoy being able to just post whatever I want, and tell my adventures.  Stay tuned for more!


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